France 2030France 2030 : cinq scénarios de croissance / France 2030: five growth scenarios

Paris: La Documentation française, June 2011, 128 p. (co-edited with Vincent Chriqui, report written by Amélie Pichon and Clément Schaff)

ISBN : 978-2110086998

What are the long-run prospects for France's economy? Was growth permanently dented by the crisis, and how can it be revived?

This report summarizes a joint reflexion led by the French Treasury and Centre d'Analyse Stratégique, including economists from the private sector and academia. Read the report [] and watch the press conference [].


Quelles réformes pour sauver l'État ? / Which reforms will save the State?

Paris: PUF/Descartes & Cie, June 2011, 160 pages, 15€ (co-edited with Jean-Paul Betbèze)

ISBN: 978-2-13-058635-7

With contributions by Patrick Artus, Jean-Michel Charpin, Christian Saint-Etienne, Philippe Trainar, Anne Perrot, Marie-Anne Frison-Roche, Laurence Boone and Jean Pisani-Ferry. Read the book's introduction [] and browse through the editor's website [].


Economic Policy: Theory and Practice

New York: Oxford University Press, September 2010, 728 pages, 74€ (hardcover, with Agnès Bénassy-Quéré, Pierre Jacquet and Jean Pisani-Ferry)

The first comprehensive survival kit for students and practitioners of economic policy. Academic scholars willing to engage in policy discussions and students at graduate or advanced undergraduate levels will find it an essential bridge to the policy world.

See the book's description, foreword by Olivier Blanchard, and praise by leading scholars [], and buy the book on Amazon [].


Le monde a-t-il encore besoin de la finance? / Does the world still need finance?

Paris: PUF/Descartes & cie, 2009, 128 pages, 15€

ISBN : 978-2-13-058169-7

With contributions by Patrick Artus, Christian de Boissieu, Laurence Boone, Anton Brender, Pierre Jacquet, Bertrand Jacquillat, Jean-Hervé Lorenzi, Olivier Pastré, Christian Saint-Etienne and Philippe Trainar.

Read the foreword [], the table of contents[] and go to the editor's website [].



Économie de l’euro / The Economics of the Euro

Paris: Repères/La Découverte, 2002 and 2010 (with Agnès Bénassy-Quéré)

A primer on the Eurozone's institutions and policies, ten years after. Revised in 2010 to account for the European response to the financial crisis and for the changes introduced by the Lisbon Treaty.

Read the introduction []. Browse through the book on Amazon [].



Politique économique

De Boeck/Université, Bruxelles, 2004 and 2010 (with Agnès Bénassy-Quéré, Pierre Jacquet and Jean Pisani-Ferry), 736 pages, 34,50€

The original French-language version of the celebrated Oxford University Press textbook. Read the presentation and foreword by Olivier Blanchard [] and browse through the book on Amazon [].





Dealing with the new giants: Rethinking the role of pension funds

ICMB/CEPR Geneva Report on the World Economy, 2006
(with Tito Boeri, Lans Bovenberg and Andrew Roberts)

See the review by Olivia Mitchell in the Journal of Economic
Literature December 2008 issue [] and the presentation
of the book on the CEPR website [].